My Top Five Ways to Get Started with Hand Embroidery

Are you new to hand embroidery or looking to dip your toe in the water? Here are my top five ways to get you started with hand embroidery.

      1. Books

To begin with, books cover a wide range of embroidery topics.  You can find them in charity shops, online, or in the crafts section of your local library or bookshop. First of all, start with a basic stitch dictionary that covers some of the most popular stitches used.
Counted-Thread and Free or Surface Embroidery are the two most common forms. Counted-Thread Embroidery includes techniques such as Cross-Stitch and Blackwork. You work these techniques on even-weave fabrics such as Aida, Canvas or Linen. Canvaswork is a similar technique where you cover the foundation fabric with stitching. By counting the holes (or threads) in the fabric you can form patterns.
Free or Surface Embroidery is any form you work without regard to the weave of the background fabric. For example, Crewelwork, Goldwork and Silk Shading are Surface Embroidery techniques.

      2. Videos

You can find a wide assortment of videos on the internet. Videos are an excellent way of watching the entire process of a stitch. Also, you can pause and rewatch to help refine your technique. Keep an eye out for upcoming posts for videos on a variety of stitches.

      3. Buy a Kit

One of the easiest ways you can get started in hand embroidery is by buying a kit. A kit includes the materials and instructions for a project. You will also need a hoop and a pair of embroidery scissors. You can pick these up at most haberdasheries or craft shops. Moreover, kits cover a wide range of techniques and designs.
Start your stitching journey today by purchasing a designer embroidery kit here.

      4. Take a Class

Another popular way of getting started is to sign up for a class. It is a wonderful way for you to make new friends and learn a new skill. You can find a variety of classes held up and down the country either in person or online. You can also arrange a class by contacting me here.

      5. Join a Group

Joining a group allows you to join a community learning from experienced stitchers. Classes can take place at local libraries, churches or community centres.
One of the largest groups you can join is the Embroiderers’ Guild. This is a charity with branches across the UK and international counterparts worldwide. You can visit as a guest for a few meetings to try it out before joining as a member.
Often these groups have either visiting speakers or set projects. Joining a group is a lovely way for you to share advice, tips, and tricks whilst making friends.
You can also join a variety of groups online through various social media platforms.
In conclusion, these five methods will help you at the start of your stitching journey. Whether you decide to delve into a book or meet some new people, you will find something to entice you.


If there is any advice you need in getting started feel free to let me know in the comments!



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