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When you mention hand embroidery most people think of cross stitch kits and table linen. For this reason with my hand embroidery kits I aim to dispel this notion. Instead showing that hand embroidery is a modern form of visual language for all to enjoy. Hence, whether through kits, classes or commissions, I aim to inspire a love of stitching. When I think of hand embroidery I think of mice stitching waistcoats in the night, or elves sewing shoes. Uniquely, it is a form of magic at my fingertips with which I can share a little skill and a little laughter with the world.


Heritage crafts are in need of protection and it is an unfortunate truth that these skills are at risk. For this reason, I am passionate about the passing on of these skills. Thus I am available for workshops and talks where people can learn more about this beautiful art form. Most especially, with a degree in hand embroidery and a background in art and design, I can tailor classes to your needs.


Find out more about the tuition I offer by visiting the Tuition page.


Commissions are a wonderful way of owning something unique. With hand embroidery, there are a myriad of ways to create something to treasure. Whether treating yourself or a loved one, you can gift something special.


Find out more about commissions by visiting the Commissions page.

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