Flights of Fancy

Artisan Needlework Presents ‘Flights of Fancy’

‘Flights of Fancy’ is the latest collection of designer hand embroidery kits. They are available to buy here.

Behind the Collection

The collection consists of six designs. The designs have been inspired by beautiful birds and 17th Century chintz. Each design contains stranded cotton and hand-painted silk ribbons on a marbled background. Realised in silk ribbons and surface embroidery, the designs pop with colour.


Each kit contains the fabric and materials needed to complete the project. There are also instructions to guide you through the design. In addition, the booklets include diagrams and descriptions for every stitch. Furthermore, the kit also contains a marbled cotton fabric and calico stabilising fabric.
The Silk Ribbons
The silk ribbons are hand-painted to allow natural variation. In contrast, commercial ribbons are consistent in colour and can appear ‘flat’. As a result, by painting the ribbons I achieve greater variances in colour and tone. For this reason, I paint all the ribbons by hand in my textile studio. When dry, I fix them for colour fastness.
I have taken every care to measure the correct quantity of threads used. Please contact me if you need more materials to complete the project. Straightaway, I will send you some replacements. You will also need a 6″ embroidery hoop and embroidery scissors to complete the project.


The Environment
To reduce waste and have a lower environmental impact, I pack and print to order. Each kit comes in recyclable plastic-free packaging. I am conscious of the effects that plastic-based products have on marine ecosystems. Therefore, I strive to source eco-friendly products where possible.
In the same fashion, I source many products from Britain in a bid to reduce air miles and support local businesses. In due time, I look forward to introducing some new suppliers. These suppliers have a rich heritage for producing high-quality embroidery materials.

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