12 Reasons to Love Sewing at Christmas

      1. The Traditions

To begin with, Christmas is a time for celebration. For some, that means partaking in little rituals and traditions year on year. Whether that includes choosing a tree, hanging up stockings or bringing out some handmade and cherished decorations, everyone has their own ways of making it special.

      2. The Weather

A controversial reason, no doubt, but I love the weather at this time of the year. It doesn’t always resemble the picture books, however, the dark, drizzly days are the perfect time to stay inside and stitch. Being too chilly to garden gives me more time to spend on my sewing. Make sure to have a decent light though, the dark evenings can make for tricky stitching!

      3. The Projects

No time of the year comes with a better supply of kits and projects. Whether crafting a gift or making a decoration, there is an endless supply of inspiration. Don’t restrict yourself to sewing but also cooking, crafting, baking… You’ll run out of time before you run out of ideas during the festive season.


      4. The Sparkle

During the holiday season more is definitely more. Sparkle is everywhere. The clothes, the decorations even the food is festooned with fairy dust at Christmas. The trees and pavements are aglow with the twinkle of lights. Sequins make their way back on to pretty much everything, along with glitter and tinsel. As an embroiderer, there is nothing I love more than a little embellishment. So make sure to add a little magic to your Christmas makes!

      5. The Company

Everyone knows that what truly makes this the most wonderful time of the year, is being able to spend it with the people that you love. Join in the Christmas spirit by giving a homemade gift or work on a project with someone you love. Christmas is a fantastic time to craft together, whether for yourself or even for charity. Share the love of sewing with those around you at this time of year.

      6. The Relaxation

Over the years I have heard many people say that embroidery helps them to relax. With this in mind, it is definitely something worth trying at what can be a slightly taxing time of year. The holidays are a perfect time to relax with a new kit or project. Whenever you are stuck in a car park/ queue/ loft remember the quiet contemplation that awaits you when you next sit down to stitch.

      7. The Gifts

There is no gift quite like the gift of giving. Seeing a smile light up someone’s face is a real treasure. By the same token, it is a lovely experience when you are given something personal. I try my best to make a selection of gifts each year and there are a variety of stitchy makes that can be gifted. Not to mention, for someone special you can always commission something completely unique.

      8. The Food

The season of good cheer is made particularly cheerful by the appearance of delicious foodstuffs. There is nothing quite like sitting down to a hoop with some biscuits and a steaming mug of hot chocolate. Now it is true, that I am partial to a biscuit when sewing at any time of the year. However, there is an even greater selection of biscuits in a variety of festive flavours. There is also yule log, mince pies, and mixed spice everything. Additionally, there are Christmas markets packed to bursting with delicious foods and mulled drinks to chase away the cold. Treat yourself to some delicious morsels for the next time you sit down to sew.

      9. The Jumpers

Okay, this is a questionable entry there’s no doubt about it. Love them or loathe them, Christmas jumpers are becoming a stalwart of the holiday season. Some are elegant with a subtle nod to the season and an extra hint of sparkle. Some have everything but the kitchen sink thrown at them. But, like a cracker joke, they have an undeniable charm. Growing up in England’s green and pleasant pastures you learn the cost of rolling green hills and lush valleys. Most notably is Summer which occurs sporadically on a few select days of the year. Thus, I welcome the Christmas jumper along with the hats, scarves, and cardigans that appear.

      10. The Entertainment

From television Christmas specials to classic festive films, you can curl up with a range of entertainment whilst sewing at Christmas. You may have a favourite that you watch religiously every year (mine is The Muppet’s Christmas Carol). It could be the sound of Christmas carols, or maybe Wizzard, playing in the background. Whatever you pick, let it put a smile on your face whilst you sew your heart out.

(Furthermore, this time of year is perfect for rewatching ‘The Tailor of Gloucester’. The story and the animation are beautiful. It’s one of my favourite’s for showcasing the magic of stitching.)

      11. The Parties

Mirth and merriment reign at Christmas. From family gatherings to work parties, people are toasting the holidays and looking forward to a well-deserved break. The glitter, the glamour, and the hairspray come out in full force. Alas, you make your entrance and someone else is wearing the same dress/shoes/jewellery, oh no! If only there was some way of preventing this from happening. Fortunately, with hand embroidery, you can customise and personalise all sorts of things to make them unique and original to you. Keep a lookout for tips and tricks on customisation in future posts.

      12. The Spirit

At Christmas, we are often reminded of the things that we are most grateful for. To say nothing of the kindness and generosity we show to those less fortunate than ourselves. There is an air of goodwill and joyfulness at this time of the year. Friends and family come together to celebrate. They share in their happiness, remember fond memories and look with hope for the future. After all, wherever you find love it feels like Christmas.


How do you like to celebrate Christmas? Share your thoughts in the comments below!


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